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Fourth​ Dimension

A Visual Introduction to the Fourth Dimension is a colorful, visual introduction to the geometry of the fourth dimension, which focuses on rectangular 4D objects like the tesseract.  ​

Math​ Fluency


Why Do We Have to Go to School is a 10,000 word fictional dialogue in a 96 page paperback book (also available as an ebook) between a young man and his father.​

The Improve Your Math Fluency of math workbooks offer ample practice learning fundamental math techniques through good old-fashioned practice.

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Welcome to Chris McMullen's author website.

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Chris McMullen is a university physics instructor in Louisiana.  He holds a Ph.D. in particle physics from Oklahoma State University and a Master's degree in physics from California State University, Northridge.

Dr. McMullen first published The Visual Guide to Extra Dimensions, Volumes 1 and 2, to share his passion for the geometry and physics of the fourth dimension.  He has coauthored a half-dozen articles on current and future collider searches for large extra dimensions, which is his area of specialization.

As a physics teacher, Dr. McMullen observed that many students lack fluency in fundamental math skills. In an effort to help students of all ages and levels master basic math skills, he has published a series of math workbooks on arithmetic, fractions, and algebra called the Improve Your Math Fluency Series.  He has also published a handful of physics textbooks, as well as popular chemistry and astronomy books.

Chris McMullen has coauthored several word puzzle books, including a series of Chemical Word Scrambles and VErBAl ReAcTiONS, where all of the words are composed of chemical symbols rather than letters.  For example, the chemical word PErCeNTaGe consists of the chemical symbols for phosphorus (P), erbium (Er), cerium (Ce), nitrogen (N), tantalum (Ta), and germanium (Ge).

Chris McMullen has also written some books related to his hobbies. For example, he wrote a few books to keep track of golf stats and to record interesting chess games.

Dr. McMullen is very passionate about teaching.  He is well-known for drawing monkeys and using them in his physics examples and problems, using his creativity to inspire students. A stressed out student is likely to be told to throw some bananas at monkeys, smile, and think happy physics thoughts.